Arsenia Blu Beauty began as a natural skincare business under a name I created by mixing the names of my children and myself.

Started in February 2004 out of the necessity to find baby bath products that didn't cause my new baby to be traumatized through every bath.  Being married at the time, my baby's dad challenged me to create something for our baby girl with my hands.  He told me that my hands were blessed, that he believed in me.  So, after hours and hours of searching the internet and every local library I could get to.  I made my first batch of soap.

From there I created batch after batch of soaps that I gave to my family, friends and neighbors.  From there I began to research natural herbs and essential oils.  I researched the different types of soaps and tried my hand at making liquid soap, glycerin soaps and blending essential oils and fragrances.  Next up was the creation of lotions and other types of natural skincare.  From bath bombs, bath salts, hand and foot scrubs and our own signature fragrances.   My small skincare company continued to thrive and grow. Going through several name changes as I searched for a name to represent my passion for creating natural skincare that would be remembered and pronounced.  After 11 years, while praying on my way home from my corporate job, I heard an echo in my spirit of the name Arsenia. The name of a family member who passed away just a few days before I turned 4 years old.  Its an honor to name my company after her.

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