Handmade Glycerin Soap

I've been making handmade soaps from scratch 14 years as of 2/19/18.  Its been a long journey in many ways. Time consuming and frustrating at times, to say the least.  but, Finally I have achieved an almost 14 year standing vision.

I first tried to create Glycerin Soap about Five (5) months after teaching myself to make soap.  I no longer have that bar or batch of soap, however I remember exactly how it looked, felt and smelt.

It was gritty and HARD, it was a cloudy and translucent green and it was scented with spearmint.  It had a wonderful scent and it soaped nicely.  It could be used as an exfoliation bar.  But, it was NOT a true bar of Translucent or Glycerin Soap.  It was a complete fail and I hated the process.

I had two pots that I used as a double boiler and I followed the recipe from Kathy Millers website.

I didn't try to make Glycerin / Translucent soap again for 12 years.

Last year I tried again.  ANOTHER FAIL.  Made me so angry I put it away again and left it for yet another year.

I can finally tell you that I've successfully made more than 10 batches of truly translucent and Melt & Pour Soaps.  I've learned how to formulate my own recipes and I've been successful at achieving that Translucent Clear Soap.  Here are a few of my soaps.

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