Announcing Cold Process Melt & Pour Soap - Angry Soaping Community on Facebook

If your familiar with the Soaping Community on Facebook then what I'm about to say will not surprise you.  My very simple post of having finally succeeded at making Cold Processed Melt and Pour was met with Accusations and Slanderous Comments.

Original Soap Photo I share on Facebook

The photo I posted in a few of the Soaping groups on Facebook was taken on Sunday March 17, 2019 by myself, while standing outside my front door.  I'd spend Sunday morning working on my Cold Processed Recipe for Melt and Pour.  It  was the 4th batch I had successfully created in 24 hours and I was elated to share it. 

It didn't cross my mind that anyone would become upset with me about my declaration of having made COLD PROCESS MELT AND POUR.  Not only was this NOT the first time that I shared about my Soap. I had in fact shared my creation of a Cold Processed Melt and Pour Soap base almost a full year ago. I had began selling the recipe in my Etsy store in August of 2018.   Not only that I offered it as one the recipes offered in my ECourse that started in May and continued for 4 weeks. 

My Cold Process Melt and Pour Soap Method was coined CPMP in May 2018 when I first started working on the process.  I actually asked around different groups at one point to find out if it was Possible to even make CPMP.  I was told it was not possible, that it had to be a HP soap method.  I myself even believed it had to be HP ( hot process) soap method.  That wasn't good enough, I wanted to find out for myself, so I started working and working and testing and batching over and over again. Took me quite a while before I finally succeeded at making the CPMP soap base that had eluded me for so long. 

Now it seems as if all hell has broken lose over my photo of a bar of clear soap made using what I called the cold process soap method.

Since my post on Tuesday afternoon, I've been called a liar, a cheat, and a thief. I've been accused of taking recipe from Kathy Millers website. I've been accused of copying and taking credit for
Cathy Failors book(s), of which I have never purchased or read. To be honest, I've never even seen her book in person.  I've been told that my method was taken from a book on soap making written in 1997. I've been accused of copying CGS method and I've been accused of copying recent posts of someone making soap like this from just a few weeks ago.

I've been blocked from groups and bad mouthed by several people throughout the soap making community due to my post and given absolutely no credit for this process.  What bothers me is the fact that the people who blocked me and are currently bad mouthing me are also the people who have deliberately tried to hinder my ability to make financial gain from my process.

I am aware of at least 3 different Soap makers who have posted free recipes in their Facebook Groups. Two of which decided to post their free recipes just a few days before I would be offering an Eclass to teach CPMP. Specifically the Admin in the Facebook group that blocked me stated that she was irritated because I had posted trying to be stealth about selling my book.  She also stated that she didn't like that I had not shared my technique or recipe so that everyone else could try it.

At the end of the day, these Soap makers have tried to hinder my work and my ability to earn income from a process that I either created, or brought back in to the Soap making Communities Dialog.

Accountability for their actions...….

My concern for the Soap making Community is that these women and a few men blatantly slander and falsely attack any Soap maker of Color when they claim to have a new technique.  They post their slanderous words and continue to use defamation of character toward anyone who they deem as a threat to them. I am not the first person of Color to be defamed within these Facebook Soaping groups and I'm sure I won't be the last. 

Character Assassination...……….

I wanted to sound this alarm because the Assassination of my Character warrants a response.

I am the Soap maker who coined the acronym CPMP which stands for COLD PROCESS MELT AND POUR.  I'm also the Soap maker who created Transparent Soap Base made the Cold Process way.
However, as the conversation takes on a new direction, it has also been renamed "Quick Transparent Soap" by one of the more well known Soap makers in the Community. Drawing attention to herself and away from the original proclamation that got them in an uproar in the first place.

My point of this blog post is to make it known just how underhanded the Soap making Community on Facebook is.  They truly seem to believe they have the very right to disrespect other soap makers and that it will not financially affect them or hinder their reputation.  That alone should cause concern. This time I'm the one being attacked and defamed, they next time, and there will be a next time. It might be YOU.

Cleo Anderson ~ Owner and Formulator
Arsenia Blu Beauty
Creator of Cold Process Melt and Pour


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