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I haven't posted anything on this blog in a very long time. I've been very busy creating an EBook of recipes on MP and my own personal research and process.

You can purchase my very 1st Ebook on Melt and Pour Soap making in my Etsy store.

This book was created after many requests to write an ebook with my experiences, thoughts and personal research added.  If your looking for quality recipes for your own personal Melt and Pour or Transparent Base making.  Even for the beginner in Basemaking, THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO START.  From here, you just improve on it.  What I've shared, is working for me.

Limited edition ebook format.

What's inside

10 Recipes to assist you in creating several different Soap Bases including:

Palm Free Vegan Bases

Transparent Base
Goatsmilk Base
Double Butter Base
White Base
Natural Base

Lard Bases

Transparent Base
Goatsmilk Base
Triple Butter Base
White Base
Cold Process Base

When considering if you should place your order today, think of the value inside my ebook. I sell one basic recipe for $45 with instructions only. This book will have over $585.00 value in my proven recipes. I've been making soap for 14 1/2 years and I've loved almost every step. This is by far the most comprehensive information I've gathered for myself.

We aren't going to get down and dirty with Chemistry and Massive Detail, I'm going to keep it light and informative.

All this in one place.  A Recipe Book for Melt and Pour and Transparent Basemaking.

Please remember that this process is an advanced soapmakers process using the Hot Process Soap Metho

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