ABMP - The Original Arsenia Blu Melt and Pour eClass (CPMP)

Glad you've stopped by. Are you ready to be amazed by this SIMPLE PROCESS?

There has been a lot of BUZZ about my Original Cold Process Melt and Pour Soap Method.

I've always said and still say that there is NOTHING NEW under the sun.  However, I can truly say that in my 15 years of Handmade Soap making.  I've never met anyone who has created Cold Process Melt and Pour Soap Base from Scratch before. 

So, here we are.... Almost a full year after my first two ECourses and I'm ready to share my Cold Process Melt and Pour Basemaking with the world.  Yes, I know it will change the way we all make this type of soap.  Yes I know there will be someone out there who will work to make it better and better.  However, I'm happy to be the first to push the envelope in this direction.  And YES! I do know it is going to change your life just as it has changed mine.

So without further ado, here are the rules for taking my ecourse.

Step #1
 This process is officially known as Arsenia Blu Melt and Pour with by Cleo Anderson.


You agree to hold at no fault of injury or loss Arsenia Blu Beauty, Cleo Anderson or Tieolia Enterprises LLC.  You agree to be bound by all the agreements placed before you in this Disclaimer.  Your mistakes, failures and successes are your own and are not the responsibility of the creator of this eClass or Soapmaking Technique.

You are responsible for your own tools, ingredients and every single piece of material and information you use to recreate my recipes and technique. I do not provide any of these for you except the knowledge of how to create Cold Process Melt and Pour Soap base from scratch.

You agree to hold private my recipes and techniques of making Cold Process Melt and Pour Soap base for a total of  Two (2) years from the date of your payment of aforementioned Eclass.  No rights or permission are being given to you to teach or share this Soap making technique before June 23,  2021. 

If you agree to the above information please proceed to the next step.

Your EClass - Student Registration

Please email the following information to Arseniablubeauty@gmail.com

Your Full Name
Email Address
Webstore or Blog Link
Facebook- please send me a friend request so I will be able to add you to the secret group.

This following Statement Followed by your Full name must accompany your disclaimer agreement. Adding our Full name and date of submission will act as your electronic signature. Which in turn means you have therefore agreed to be governed by this disclaimer of use.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules set forth in the disclaimer given to me as a condition of being a student in the EClass for Cold Process Melt and Pour Basemaking offered by Cleo Anderson ~ Owner of Arsenia Blu Beauty and Tieolia Enterprises LLC. From this point forward being know as ABMP/ Arsenia Blu Melt and Pour.  I do understand that No rights or permission are being given to me to teach or share this Soap making technique before June 23, 2021. I understand that by doing so I have legally both broken this contract and broken the law. I understand that it is an infringement on Arsenia Blu  Beauty and Cleo Anderson's legal rights of privacy and considered theft of the original owner and creators intellectual property. Therefore, a violation punishable by the law.

Step #3 
Once the Student Registration Information has been received, you will receive an invoice for $165
from Paypal or if you prefer, you can send me your payment at paypal.me/ArseniaBlu once I have approved your registration. Payment is due immediately upon receipt. You will have 24 hours to make full payment for the ecourse once it has been recieved.   If you have not completed payment within those 24 hours the invoice will be withdrawn and your registration for the EClass discarded.

 Once payment has been processed, you will be added to the Eclass Secret Group where you will be able to see the Live Video of the Cold Process Melt and Pour Base making , Now being known as Arsenia Blu Melt and Pour Basemaking. If you are unable to attend a live taping, you will still have access to prerecorded trading videos.

In this group you will be able to ask questions and share your struggles as well as your awesome success with this new process.

The first eClass will broadcast Live on Saturday March 23, 2019 at 11:00a.m EST. If you are not able to attend the love broadcast. Dont worry. You will have access to pre-recorded training Videos.

Hope to see you in the eClass

 The original creator of this Melt and Pour Soap method is Cleo Anderson owner of Arsenia Blu Beauty and Tieolia Enterprises LLC.

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