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After years of making handmade soaps with multiple oils in them, Arsenia Blu is streamlining the process and the ingredients used in our soaps.  Not that we don't love all the soaps we make and all the ingredients we use. However, the term less is better is really true in this case.  We've researched oils and techniques, formulations and old world products made with different oils over and over.  We've made different soaps using all these different types of oils, only to end up at this space and decision.

Cas·tile soap
  1. fine, hard white or mottled soap made with olive oil and sodium hydroxide.

With so many websites and blogs that explain why Castile soap is good to use and even how many ways it can be used, I decided to include several of them in my post. The first page I would recommend reading is 

Purposeful Giving

We think that 2017 is going to be a wonderful year for Arsenia Blu.  We've decided to drop the Blu from the name of our skincare. As we slowly sell out of the remaining products currently available in our stock, you'll begin so see subtle changes in the look of our labels and our web store.

The first few months you will see the basic Cause ribbon shape on all of our soap bars.  However, at  Arsenia Blu, we don't want to blend in.  WE STAND OUT!  Look for our Exclusive Ribbon Desgin to appear on our bars and exclusively in our web store in the Summer of 2017.  

The Look of Arsenia's Purposeful Giving Soap Bars will have our original Ribbon logo design that was created for the owner of Arsenia Blu Beauty over 7 years ago.  Never having been used before in her business endeavors, she has decided that the Purposeful Giving Charity Cause is the most perfect place to use this beautiful logo.  We go on record as having commissioned, ordered and purchased this exclusive design, and we can prove this statement as true.

Notice to the public..........
No permission will be given to any individual, company or website in the use of this Ribbon logo design.  It is the exclusive property of Cleo Anderson LLC. and Arsenia Blu Beauty.  Any product, packaging or website displaying this logo design is in direct violation of our rights and is unlawful. We will seek restitution for this violation.

At the bottom of each page you'll see a donate button. Where you can make a personal donation to Arsenia Blu to help us reach our goals.  Please consider becoming a sponsor for Arsenia Blu.

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